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It is with great pleasure that we offer for sale our family of Polled Hereford cows.  Our herd was founded on 45 years of experience in commercial breeding in Kentucky, where we have observed closely the evolution of the purebred Polled Hereford.  We have been in Oregon raising this marvelous breed since 1982.

Our goal is to produce cows that have a balance of growth, milk, disposition and fertility.  By limiting frame score from 5.5 to 6.8 we increase feed efficiency and productivity without losing muscle mass or increasing bone or backfat waste.

Limited only by our small, non-irrigated farm and our desire to produce practical traits demanded by breeders and consumers, we aggressively cull to maintain a herd of 20 head. They live in rigid, small pasture rotation for five months and are supplemented with grass and legume hay for the remainder of the year. We feed no grain. Calves depend upon their dams for pre-weaning growth.

We use no hormones, insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.  Our preferred methods include the introduction of natural compost and insect predators to our farm environment.

With emphasis on performance, we use either A.I. or natural herd sires for the best combination of superior EPD's and no visible or measurable faults. As a result, we consistantly achieve dependable, problem-free cows with superior performance.

We appreciate the support of our friends and other breeders of Polled Herefords.  We have worked together to build this fine herd of cattle for the consumer and look forward to sharing this genetic force with you.

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U10 at age 9

2G at age 13

U11 and C5

C1 at weaning 1993

U11 with calf